Your instant
drive-thru solution

DriveUp gives customers the ultimate convenience.
Customers order and pay on the app and we track their location so you can prepare each order to the exact arrival time. You will be notified as soon as the customer approaches, so you can take the order straight to their car.

A world of
new customers

We’ll promote your restaurant to thousands
of hungry customers, growing your orders,
sales and profits week by week!

Nothing to lose,
Everything to gain

We will supply the Order Tablet* (worth over £500),
build your menu and take care of everything to get
you started!

*Free Order Tablet available for a limited time only

Start your DriveUp service in 3 steps

1. Create an account

Create your DriveUp account by signing up here.

2. Send us your menu

We’ll take care of building your menu, All you need to do is approve it.

3. Go live!

Switch on your order tablet and start taking DriveUp orders.

Frequently asked questions

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